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Sights of Barbados

Christmas lights up at Oistins in Barbados where Anne and I spent most of this month courtesy our friends Bishop Wilfred & Ina Wood. Oistins is famous for its fish market and for the locally popular Miami Beach where we took sea baths daily with the locals.

Barbadian advertisement which also displays Fat Jack’s reluctance about getting married!

Anne and I took buses to visit the north of Barbados highlight of which was seeing the sea cascading into a cavern called Animal flower cave after the carnivorous sea anemones we saw in this underwater pool.
Barbadian ad for ‘vape & smoke thingies’ which puts into words one’s ignorance about the wide range of smoking substitute devices and what you call them!
This frieze in the Parliament Museum in Bridgetown, Barbados captures the hurt done by Britain to so many Africans over three centuries through their capture and transportation to the West Indies to serve as slaves. Enjoying a couple of nights at Codrington College, Barbados dated 1745 …