Sights of Barbados 2021

Mile upon mile of brilliant white sand bordering sea at 28 degrees is a draw for Anne and I every winter alongside our dear friends Bishop Wilfred and Ina Wood. The selfie is taken at Carlisle Bay which is the longest stretch of beach, crescent shaped leading up to Bridgetown harbour. Snorkelling is a bonus, floating over shoals of fish who like the Bajans themselves seem to enjoy our company. This bus stop outside Oistins in Barbados has a monkey-friendly theme. The green monkeys that visited our garden came from Senegal and the Gambia in West Africa 350 years ago. The 300,000 people on the island keep company with 14,000 monkeys which brighten and amuse life though they need care not exploitation.  On 21 November 2021 Feast of Christ the King Anne and I were privileged to attend St David, Barbados when the Bishop, Fr Michael Maxwell confirmed 11 candidates prepared by our friend Canon Noel Burke. With days to go before Barbados became a Republic the Bishop mentioned he was happy to l

Sights of Barbados 2019

Even the local monkeys are laid back in Barbados where Anne and I just enjoyed two and a half weeks courtesy Bishop Wilfred and Ina Wood. Highlight was the Barbados Wildlife Reserve where only snakes were caged and the monkeys were particularly entertaining.  A ‘laid back’ image from Barbados I loved was this 1936 Gentleman’s Chair from St Nicholas Abbey Plantation House. It features adjustable tables, book holder, reading lamp, back and foot rests. Should the gentleman’s snoring disturb others the chair could be wheeled elsewhere for the duration of his nap! Barbados has many hidden treasures. The deer are scarce so very hidden, indeed the Barbados Wildlife Reserve keeps them going. This shy specimen lent its head to my phone when Anne and I visited the Reserve. We hired a car to get there but it was worth the expense Actor Benedict Cumberbatch’s forbears ran St Nicholas Plantation, Barbados which still makes rum separating heads, heart and tails. The ‘heads’ boile